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Aidan James Pettice, age 12, the younger brother of James
Michael and son of Janet and Companion Brian Pettice, was
born March 4, 2008 in Urbana, Illinois. He lives with his parents
in Alvin, Illinois where he is homeschooled and has displayed
interest in a variety of subjects and hobbies over the years.
Aidan's Brother encouraged his creativity as he would play songs
on guitar while Aidan sang lyrics he made up. Aidan's interest in
Legos as a toddler has developed into the skill to build the most
complex of sets and create his own projects. His early interest in
Thomas the Tank Engine grew into the joy of riding trains
whenever he gets a chance. Aidan has enjoyed participating in
several outdoor activities over the years, from swimming and
kayaking to golf and baseball. After reading a book on Jackie
Robinson he became a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He is
also an avid fan of the Chicago White Sox and enjoys going to
their games with his Dad whenever they can.
He also enjoys attending Danville Dashers', the local hockey
team, games. An interest in planets and space led him to deliver
a presentation on the Galilean Moons of Jupiter at a local Dark
Skies star party a couple of years ago. Like most kid, he loves his
pets. Also like most kids he loves his video games, especially his
Nintendo Switch. Aidan has also enjoyed painting and drawing his
entire life. He thanks Ryan Irby for inviting him to be involved and
hopes that you enjoy his work for this project.

Digitally printed on Gildan Heavy Cotton
100% cotton.

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